Two Random People

Write a letter in which you forgive them :

We’ve never been friends.

I should know because I personally made sure of that.

To be honest, I don’t even know what we were – maybe to you I was just a random girl who you used to call every night to talk about cats and music prodigies with, and maybe to me you were just a random boy who used to make my heart skip a beat whenever I caught sight of him in the hall during recess.

It’s okay, I learned about a lot of things from you during those 7 months. I forgave you long ago, even though you might not even aware of what and where you did wrong. My friends hated you and your friends hated me, we were even.

Now I’m relieved that you might not know how you used to make me feel.

But for real, I’m even more relieved that we’ve never been friends.


A Stag and A Doe

It’s as though I was seeing through an ash-colored lens. Nothing looked quite bright, nothing looked quite dark. I was floating amid the monochromatic dance of swirling grayness around me.

Then I caught sight of your eyes among the crowd, and for once I saw something of color.

And you stared back at me.

I swear right then and there, we both looked like deers caught in headlights.


Indian Ocean

so we stand

one thousand and seven hundred miles apart

so many tangible and intangible things

between us

yet we believe

that there’s nothing more arbitrary

than Indian Ocean

that can do us part


Can’t Undo It, Can’t Unsee It

A surgeon doesn’t order a CAT scan to find out what’s going on, he does it to confirm his suspicion.

Same goes with my use of google translate.


Your use of the word “I love you”.

Last night you blurted it out for the first time after your two year non relationship and guess what? She responded with long silence.


#43 Apology

“Sorry, it’s three am in the morning, hope I didn’t wake you up. You’re probably asleep and I’ll definitely regret this in the morning but.. I’m so tired – the sun is rising behind me, a violent burst of violet and crimson and sorry, I think I love you too.”

[ excerpt from Fragments – xi. FIFTY by northbynorth on Wattpad ]

“If you don’t have the talent, you don’t deserve the luck.”

“I personally think that if you don’t have the talent, you don’t deserve the luck.” – Kim Hyorin

This is an infamous statement from Kim Hyorin, former member of SISTAR.

She’s best known for her powerful vocal, not to mention her rapping and dance skill (but seriously, I think her voice is the most powerful one amongst female K-Pop idols–it’s husky yet strong and hella loud–just awesome).

I can’t say that I’m a SISTAR stan. But I knew them when they first debuted in 2010, and I knew–and loved–most of their hit songs, and they were always in the top 10 K-Pop chart. Hyorin was the one who caught my attention the most, because as I said before, her voice is superb and unique especially for an idol (I don’t really listen to Korean solo singers, only idols, so I could only compare her to idols.. Ailee is the only Korean singer that I know who has similar powerful vocal, but then again she’s a solo singer, not an idol). Geez, this Hyorin girl is the one who sang duet with Whitney Houston in Mnet Asian Music Award 2013. In my opinion, her voice is more powerful than f(x)’s Luna’s. And to be honest.. as time went by I saw her to be like HyunA from 4minutes, or Kahi from After School, or Camila Cabello from Fifth Harmony. The Ace of the group. In these cases, the ‘individual potential’ that the Ace has is far bigger when is compared to anyone else in the group–and without said Ace, the group would be arguably bland.

Okay, back to the gif above.

In that statement, obviously she’s referring to the K-Pop industry. And what do I say about her opinion? I say, yes I agree.

Because this is art that we are talking about.

Talent is something you’re born with. Not something you earn. ART is the most complicated and beautiful kind of talent. It’s exclusive, sacred, and special. And in my opinion, when it comes to singing, everybody with a working vocal cord CAN sing. But whether your voice is beautiful or not or just so-so, it depends on whether God has given you a nice and flexible vocal cord or not.

Hyorin was referring to how much, how much K-Pop has been growing to be such a hit in the globe starting a decade ago. A certain percentage of South Korean youth took a part in the survival idol programs, not to mention international auditions. Being a K-Pop idol turned out to be the dream job ever. Fame, money, fanatic fans willing to worship you day and night, what can’t you get?

She’s saying that if you have no drop of that talent whatsover, you better leave. Competition is tight. The most artsy candidates are out there trying their best, and people need quality. Seriously, some of us really want to watch quality content. We see pretty faces and nice bodies in the entertainment industry everyday, on regular basis, can’t we get more good music now? And singers with really nice, not-autotuned voice?

I can’t help but remember the fake diva from the film 200 Pounds of Beauty. She’s pretty yet her singing voice is far from pretty. She dances on stage with the coverage help from an army of backup dancers. I think how there could be a lot of people with less artsy talent out there, who managed to gain success due to undeserved luck. Now that’s what I call not fair.

I know that talent and luck alone won’t suffice to guarantee a safe career as an idol. There are other things too like physical and mental health, endurance, “idol attitude” (because let’s face it, Korean idols only allowed to have very limited private life. The more successfull you are, the less freedom you have left), and x factor like fate or karma or such. But i think talent remains to be the biggest component needed, as this is a competition to be an artist.

There might be thousands of trainees out there, most must’ve decided to leave their hometown to Seoul, with or without their parents permission, as all of them are teenagers or even younger.

I wish the best of luck to those who really deserve the success in the future.