The Alternate Universe

In the alternate universe, I’ll be

saving every extra penny for a plane ticket

then another plane ticket

then another plane ticket

I’ll be living by counting the day, hour, minute,

to the very moment I set foot on the airport

then another airport,

then another airport

Longing to go places where nobody speaks in my mother language

A completely strange world to me,

Just the way I need it to be


“Can’t it be you instead?”

“You’re so funny,” he said in between chuckles.

“No wonder my friend fancies you.”

Right there, faster than a red light turning green, the smile fell from her face.

“Oh.” She said quietly. Then a beat later, not so quietly:

“Can’t it be you instead?”

The Storm

you’re the storm raging in my mind

on the nights after every reunion, when I’ll be sitting here pouring my crooked heart out

another nervous hyping up, another predictable letting down, another numb period with occasional meltdowns, repeat

I don’t know what to expect from your coming back home anymore, because I know I’m no longer that home

this morning I looked up at the sky with a frown,

again the storm is coming to town

Two Random People

Write a letter in which you forgive them :

We’ve never been friends.

I should know because I personally made sure of that.

To be honest, I don’t even know what we were – maybe to you I was just a random girl who you used to call every night to talk about cats and music prodigies with, and maybe to me you were just a random boy who used to make my heart skip a beat whenever I caught sight of him in the hall during recess.

It’s okay, I learned about a lot of things from you during those 7 months. I forgave you long ago, even though you might not even aware of what and where you did wrong. My friends hated you and your friends hated me, we were even.

Now I’m relieved that you might not know how you used to make me feel.

But for real, I’m even more relieved that we’ve never been friends.

A Stag and A Doe

It’s as though I was seeing through an ash-colored lens. Nothing looked quite bright, nothing looked quite dark. I was floating amid the monochromatic dance of swirling grayness around me.

Then I caught sight of your eyes among the crowd, and for once I saw something of color.

And you stared back at me.

I swear right then and there, we both looked like deers caught in headlights.


Indian Ocean

so we stand

one thousand and seven hundred miles apart

so many tangible and intangible things

between us

yet we believe

that there’s nothing more arbitrary

than Indian Ocean

that can do us part